New videos added to this page are not published to my youtube channel but provide extra content for the viewer who desires to learn more about joinery.

Click the image below for a link to YouTube where I draw out the entire front door on sketchup. A great source of info for any woodworker learning sketchup. I’m not an expert but have been using sketchup for a long time now so hopefully pass a few tips on. There is a link below the image to download the actual model I produce in the video, so feel free to have a look at that one…

To use the techniques in the video you will need SketchUp pro. There is also a list below of the shortcut keys I use on SketchUp to make modelling a lot quicker.

Click the Image for a link to the video

Bradshaw’s Shortkeys for Sketchup

  • Q = Rotate
  • W= Flip
  • U = Zoom Extents
  • I = Zoom Window
  • Shift + L = Section Plane
  • Shift + : = View Planes
  • Shift + “ = Toggle Sections Planes
  • Shift + | = Section Fill
  • V = Follow Me
  • ; = Look around
  • \ = Position camera
  • Shift + T = Tags
  • Solid tools/Union = ,
  • Solid tools/Trim = .
  • Solid tools/Split = /